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The city of La Paz is the political-administrative capital of Bolivia; it is located in a valley surrounded by imposing snowy mountains, which gives it a fascinating character in the eyes of any visitor.

Starting from the undulating forms that go down to the sharp gorges where the rivers flow, the city hides corners full of art, culture and architecture that deserve to be discovered.

The tourist can, in an only day, stroll through alleys that seem to have been snatched from the colonial past, with the pavement in it that still resounds the horses’ hooves, houses with balconies artistically worked and those in which escape ghosts that seem to touch with its ample and luxurious Clothing for walkers.

Streets where you will hear and live the legends of the day and night, and reach to modern commercial shopping centers and businesses’ where the commercial life range from the traditional markets crowded with Culture and color to international franchise stores and much more reach modern Comercial center and business.

The impulse of modernity came with the implementation of the public transport service such as Puma Katari buses provide a quality service, and the cable car lines that allow traveling to the city since a height in which you find an spectacular view of the city because you will able to appreciate it in all its magnitude.

La Paz reveals the variety of landscapes that are amassed between hills gorges and esplanades during the day, and meet the overturned sky on the earth in a great spectacle of lights during the night.

On December 7, 2014, it was declared one of the seventh Wonder Cities of the world.

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