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Lake Titicaca, is the setting of living cultures, maintaining its authentic style of community life, keeping harmony with the nature and lacustrine biodiversity, one of the most important wetland ecosystems on the planet, declared by the need to be protected, as a RAMSAR site.

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, located over 3,810 meters above sea level and only three hours from the city of La Paz, occupies an area of 8,100 kms. It is of tectonic origin and its depth varies from 150 to 370 meters.

This is also the second largest lake in South America. It is currently shared by Bolivia and Peru.

Around the lake there are archaeological remains of major Andean cultures, like the Tiwanaku civilization (the oldest in South America), the Aymara and Inca, making the lake carry a unique amalgam of different ancestral cultures and modernity.

The lake is the center of Andean mythology since both the Tiwanaku and the Incas, the founders of their civilizations were born in the same lake. For those who can visit the Isla del Sol will surely be brought to the stone that gave rise to all the legends of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo.

In the lake there is an incredible ‘rainbow trout’ fishing activity, so any visitor to the nearby cities will be offered a number of dishes based on this fish.

There are a number of legends that circulated around the lake, such as during the Spanish conquest of the Incas, they decided to hide the gold thrown into the lake, in deeper parts. Others argue that some of the sacred rites meant that offerings were thrown into the water, so the lake would be full of untold wealth. Until now nobody succeeded in the search.

Some argue that the etymology of the word Titicaca is “Puma”, and that the lake is shaped like this animal, but this is only visible from space. No doubt these conjectures led many to believe that the Incas had been visited by extraterrestrials, and therein lies the wealth.

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