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The destination ‘Salar de Uyuni’ and ‘Lagunas de Colores’ is certainly the most unique and exclusive tourist territory of Bolivia, it’s part of the closed basin in its southern highlands. “The Salar de Uyuni” is the world’s largest salt flat, with a saline mirror of stunning biodiversity.

In the far south west of the destination you can find the highest concentration of colored lagoons: Laguna Colorada, Laguna Verde, Laguna Celeste, Laguna Amarilla (green, light blue, yellow), etc.. together with the highest concentration of extinct volcanoes, geysers, fumaroles and multifaceted rock formations, forming one of the most fascinating and surreal desert landscapes in the world.

This invaluable natural wonder, is inhabited by living cultures that have adapted the technology of their production systems to the extreme conditions of semi-desert, taken advantage of the quinoa (a grain known as the golden grain in international markets) and fine meat fibers of Llama and Alpaca (Andean Camelids). The combination of nature and culture make this destination a special place, especially when visiting the Protected Area of the Andean Wildlife Reserve Eduardo Abaroa.

Located in the southwest of Bolivia, “El Salar de Uyuni” is the World’s Largest Salt Flat with an area of 10,582 km2 at an altitude of 3653 meters, contains a reserve of 9 million tons of lithium and other minerals, thus constituting the world’s largest reservoir of salt.

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